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About Eastenders

Serving traditional and delicious London food since 1976, Eastenders Pie & Mash is in the heart of the East End at London's  famous Chrisp Street Market. 

Prepared to a classic and traditional recipe.  The pies, mash and liquor have not changed much over the years, a comforting and warming taste for many Londoner's that take them straight back to their childhood.

Everything is cooked fresh daily at the shop.  The meat for the pies comes in directly from Smithfield Meat Market and the potato mash is made from premium spuds, cooked in salted water and mashed to perfection.

Our parsley liquor sauce is made fresh every day to a traditional recipe.

Classic eels are served stewed or jellied and are delivered to us fresh from Billingsgate Market.

Our Vegetable and Quorn pies are vegan friendly, extremely tasty and served with a vegetarian gravy. 

And our Chicken, Ham & Leek Pies are full of delicious, creamy, comforting goodness.

Don't forget to splash the vinegar all over.  Plain or's up to you!

Queuing for Pie Mash at Eastenders
Chrisp Street Market Eastenders Pie and Mash
Outside Seating at Eastenders
Delicious Pies at Eastenders Pie and Mash
Pies going fast!
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